Enviromental audit

Since the founding of the ASEKOL Compliance Scheme in 2005 we have been closely co-operating with a number of producers of electrical and electronic equipment. Together we share the conviction that take-back of electrical and electronic equipment, even the smallest devices, has a considerable positive impact on the environment.

Environmental audit

We provide to our producers Environmental Audit Certificates based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies of end-of-life electrical and electronic appliances and all collected electrical and electronic equipment. The certificate evidences the environmental impacts related to take-back, transportation and processing of electrical and electronic equipment to the phase of replacement of primary materials.

The objective of the certificate is to calculate individually for our producers how much electricity, crude oil, coal, primary resources and water they have saved for the environment and how much they have reduced production of greenhouse gases and hazardous wastes.

“We hereby wish to thank all our producers who co-operate with the ASEKOL Compliance Scheme to help protect the environment.”​

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