Cyclomarathon, Around the cities despite disabilities or Friendly festival?

This year, we've become partners of the Dream Journey events. Therefore we will attend "sports events despite disabilities." Where are we going to meet and what can you experience?

How to connect the general public, fun and getting in touch with lives of handicapped people? Through sports, of course.

This year, there are multiple events awaiting us, where we explain the importance of protection of the nature and recycling old electronic devices. Couple of us even decided to be present personally, therefore the ASEKOL team is coming!

Where we'll see each other?

Around the cities despite disabilities

  • together on a bike with or without handicap
  • exciting accompanying program alongside with our red tent and ASEKOL team
  • COMPETITION - every one who brings along small electronic devices for reycling can compete for a brand new smartphone
  • Hradec Králové, May 28
  • Plzeň, June 3
  • Praha, June 24
  • Brno - TBA

Friendly festival alias Prague in red colour

  • June 24 at Žluté lázně - we'll be there with our red tent doing sports
  • Every one who brings along used old mobile phone can compete for a brand new tablet


  • From August 1 till August 8 - the benefitial 2222 km nonstop - ASEKOL team rides with a VIP person and a handicapped athlete
  • Do you want to join us? More at:

And many more interesting and fun events to which we'll be inviting you in the future.

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