Red Container

The project of stationary red containers for collecting small electrical and electronic equipment was initiated by the ASEKOL compliance scheme in 2007. In that summer, the first five containers were installed in small municipalities in the Central-Bohemian Region with up to 1000 inhabitants. Based on the success of that pilot project, in November 2007 five additional such containers were installed in the city of Kladno. As the collection by stationary containers in the streets proved successful in both cases, the ASEKOL compliance scheme resolved to install them in other cities during 2008. 

The project of special collection containers for small electrical and electronic equipment is unique in Europe. ASEKOL has placed more than 2,100 Red Containers across the entire Czech Republic.

You can find their current locations at the website


  • free provision with a concluded contract
  • free servicing and recycling of collected electrical and electronic equipment and batteries
  • collection separate from waste, which means it is not necessary to maintain a waste management registry or any other registry
  • possibility to use supporting information materials


If you are interested in having a stationary container placed in your municipality, please contact the appropriate regional manager.

  • Use: outdoors
  • Filling: 50×40 cm opening for collecting electrical and electronic equipment; 65×35 mm opening for collecting batteries
  • Dimensions: 1,300×1,200 mm and total height of 1,800 mm
  • Volume: 2.15 m2

Red Containers are designed for

  • all small household and office electrical and electronic equipment (except for fluorescent tubes), such as computers and accessories, printers, calculators, audio technology and telephones.
  • batteries

Conditions for the placement of a stationary container

  • at least 2,000 inhabitants per stationary container
  • availability of a freely accessible paved surface
  • concluding a free lease contract
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