Donate a mobile

Do you have an old mobile phone at home? It can still be useful!

You only need to request an envelope from ASEKOL and send the mobile back free of charge, or join in the ongoing campaign. ASEKOL inspects these phones and hands the non-functional ones over for expert recycling. The functional telephones will be sent to organisations working with people with disabilities and to children’s homes.

Did you know?

  • There are more than 4 billion mobile phones in the world.
  • The average duration of a mobile phone’s use is 12–18 months.
  • Only 1% of unused mobile phones are recycled.


By their number, mobile phones are among the world’s fastest-growing everyday consumer products. Meanwhile, mobile phone technologies are developing abnormally quickly. This rapid development results in hundreds of millions of discarded and used devices. In the Czech Republic, for example unused and not yet discarded mobiles are estimated to number as many as 8 million. If these were recycled, that would save the mining of:

  • 2,800 kg of silver
  • 272 kg of gold
  • 120 kg of palladium
  • 3 kg of platinum
  • 128 tonnes of copper
  • 4 tonnes of lead
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