ASEKOL has prepared a simple solution of collecting small electrical appliances for companies, institutions and even shopping malls which is directly indoors. EKO-CENTRUM collection containers are designed for collecting small (or large) electrical and electronic equipment, batteries and fluorescent tubes. 

ASEKOL provides free transportation and recycling of discarded electrical and electronic equipment.

EKO-CENTRUM specifications

  • Use: indoors
  • Dimensions: 1,250 × 1,250 × 600 mm
  • Volume: 1,700 l
  • The container is equipped with a wheeled undercarriage


  • free provision with a concluded contract
  • regular servicing
  • free servicing and recycling of the collected electrical and electronic equipment and other devices
  • collection separate from waste, which means it is not necessary to maintain a waste management registry or any other registry
  • possibility to use supporting information materials
  • Gaining of Social Responsibility Certificate
  • Granting of EKO-CENTRUM brand

What belongs in an EKO-CENTRUM

  • all small office and household electrical and electronic equipment, such as computers and accessories, printers, calculators, audio technology, power sources and chargers
  • batteries
  • energy-efficient light bulbs and fluorescent tubes

Lease conditions

  • suitable indoor location
  • free access for the public, employees or customers
  • concluding a free lease contract

You can obtain more information about possibilities of leasing an ECO-CENTRUM collection container from our regional managers.

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Telephone: +420 234 235 111
E-mail: info@asekol.cz

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