ASEKOL Fund 2012

In its fifth year, the ASEKOL Fund supported 45 publicly beneficial projects. The total of allocated grants grew to CZK 2 million. Overall, 73 municipalities, non-governmental not-for-profit organisations, collection yards operators, and even Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic applied for contributions.

During 2008–2012, a total of 194 projects were supported and the overall sum of contributions reached almost CZK 13,000,000.

Projects supported financially in 2012

Project name Applicant Support
Reconstruction of waste-separation sites in public areas City of Ždírec nad Doubravou CZK 40,000
CCTV system – collection yard Hrušovany u Brna CZK 55,000
Installing a security system in a collection yard Kapex s.r.o. CZK 70,000
Neředín collection yard – enclosure of the storage space for small EEE Technické služby města Olomouce, a.s. CZK 60,000
Information campaign on collection of e-waste in Central Moravia Český svaz ochránců přírody, regionální sdružení Iris CZK 55,000
Container station modification City of Frýdek-Místek CZK 62,205
Installation of a CCTV and security system in the collection yard at Teplárenská Street, Prague 14 VS-Ekoprag s.r.o. CZK 50,000
Hand in old mobiles – a competition for citizens and visitors in Žamberk City of Žamberk CZK 25,000
Calendar City of Vysoké Mýto CZK 33,000
Extension of a camera system in the Waste Collection Yard of the city of Dobřany City of Dobřany CZK 36,000
Security for the Kyjov collection yard with a CCTV system City of Kyjov CZK 49,000
Waste-handling handbook for citizens in Prostějov City of Prostějov CZK 32,725
Security improvement in the Karolíny Světlé Collection Yard City of Mělník CZK 50,000
Installation of a modern CCTV system at the Švábův Hrádek Collection Yard, České Budějovice A.S.A. České Budějovice s.r.o. CZK 70,000
Security for the Růžová collection yard Růžová Municipality CZK 42,000
Reconstruction and extension of current container stations for waste separation in Čáslav in 2012 City of Čáslav CZK 40,000
Collection yard surveillence City of Rtyně v Podkrkonoší CZK 39,500
Security for the Vracov collection yard with a CCTV system City of Vracov CZK 49,000
Support for collection of small EEE City of Žďár nad Sázavou CZK 11,120
Installation of a camera system, repairing fence and modernisation of lighting at the EKO-Dvor Technických služeb Beroun, s.r.o. Technické služby Beroun, s.r.o. CZK 70,000
Reconstruction of paved surfaces for situating additional ASEKOL containers designated for collection of small EEE Technické služby města Pelhřimova, příspěvková organizace CZK 20,000
Reconstruction of container areas for placement of stationary containers for e-waste City of Pilsen, Městský obvod Pilsen 1 CZK 100,000
Installation of a modern CCTV system at the Batelov collection yard Town of Batelov CZK 30,000
Creating new places for take-back of EEE and improving accessibility of current waste-separation points City of Moravský Krumlov CZK 40,000
CCTV system and modification of access to an E-house, collection yard of TS Hronov City of Hronov CZK 50,000
Reconstruction of security system at the Vesecko collection yard Technické služby Turnov, s.r.o. CZK 14,000
Preparation of project documentation for a new collection yard at Na Slunci Služby města Jihlavy, s.r.o. CZK 40,320
Promotion of a waste collection centre Rosice City of Rosice CZK 25,000
Fence with an entry gate to a take-back point City of Kamenický Šenov CZK 50,000
Paved surfaces for containers in a collection yard City of Nová Bystřice CZK 20,000
Installation of a modern CCTV system in the Bavorov Collection Yard City of Bavorov CZK 17,000
Reconstruction of fence for the Drslavice Collection Yard Drslavice Municipality CZK 50,000
Extension of the waste collection yard area City of Litovel CZK 50,000
Collection yard fence City of Lučany nad Nisou CZK 7,000
Reconstruction of a collection yard – fence City of Hostinné CZK 50,000
Fence reconstruction – Sadová Collection Yard Sadová Municipality CZK 40,000
Establishing a new collection yard at Frýdecká Street OZO Ostrava, s.r.o. CZK 60,000

Applicants offered in-kind assistance

Project name Applicant Support
Containers for collection of small EEE City of Louny 3 stationary containers
Securing storage of taken-back EEE for the ASEKOL compliance scheme related to awareness-raising in the area of take-back and recycling of EEE Kobeřice Municipality E-house
Additional stationary containers City of Jindřichův Hradec 2 stationary containers
Electronic and mechanical building security Hromnice Municipality E-house
Construction of a shed for storing EEE Velký Ratmírov Municipality E-house
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