ASEKOL Fund 2011

In its fourth year, ASEKOL Fund supported a record-breaking 46 projects. The selected entities thereby received assistance valued at more than CZK 2 million from ASEKOL Fund. Most of the supported projects were under the long-time favourite Reconstruction programme, which focuses on improving the quality of collection points. Forty-seven applications were submitted just for this programme alone. There was also interest in the Awareness and Intensity programmes (14 and 9 applications, respectively).

In the four years of ASEKOL Fund’s operation, it has so far supported 149 projects with total funding in excess of CZK 11 million.

Projects supported financially in 2011

Project name Applicant Support
Area for placement of a container for take-back of EEE City of Příbor CZK 16,000
Construction of waste-separation areas in publically accessible places in the City of Liberec which will allow the positioning of stationary containers City of Liberec CZK 60,000
Construction of waste-separation areas and collection of small EEE in Slavkov u Brna City of Slavkov u Brna CZK 40,000
Establishing a new EEE take-back point and improving accessibility of the current waste-separation point Krumlov City of Moravský Krumlov CZK 20,000
“When the mobile stops ringing” information campaign on take-back of EEE in the Prostějov District Český svaz ochránců přírody Regionální sdružení Iris CZK 50,000
Mobiles go to Heaven also in Hradec Civitas per Populi CZK 40,000
Promotional map for EEE take-back - Nový Bydžov City of Nový Bydžov CZK 25,000
E-waste know-how (awareness campaign) City of Jevíčko CZK 25,500
Send it on City of Smržovka CZK 50,000
Second-hand things help Charita Zábřeh CZK 75,000
Modification of places for placing stationary containers for take-back of small EEE City of Žamberk CZK 28,000
Installation of a CCTV system in collection yards in Třebíč ESKO-T s.r.o. CZK 69,773
Reconstruction and expansion for waste separation in public places in Ždírec n.D. City of Ždírec nad Doubravou CZK 50,304
CCTV system for the Železný Brod collection yard City of Železný Brod CZK 64,860
Modification and expansion of current waste-separation stations in the Druztová cadastral area which will allow positioning of stationary containers for collecting EEE Druztová municipality CZK 20,000
Replacement of gate to the yard with a take-back point Velešovice municipality CZK 21,000
Installation of a modern CCTV system at the Rantířov collection yard in Jihlava Služby města Jihlavy CZK 70,000
Paving of container areas for small EEE in Olomouc City of Olomouc CZK 125,000
Reconstruction of container areas City of Nové Strašecí CZK 60,000
Reconstruction of a paved area in a shed for EEE take-back Town of Libice nad Doubravou CZK 50,000
Construction of paved surface for the purposes of storing and handling e-waste, including containers – Collection yard of the City of Žatec City of Žatec CZK 50,000
Modification of separated waste collection points in Bystrc City of Brno, Brno-Bystrc District CZK 100,000
Securing collected EEE from theft at the collection yard of Baška municipality Baška municipality CZK 20,000
Installing a CCTV and security system at a collection yard, Slezská Street location Frýdecká skládka, a.s. CZK 99,500
Reconstruction and extension of current container stations for waste separation in the City of Čáslav City of Čáslav CZK 141,094
Installation of a camera system at the Dolní Bojanovice Collection Yard Dolní Bojanovice municipality CZK 25,000
Fence for the collection yard in Divišov Town of Divišov CZK 60,000
Reinforcing surfaces for containers for e-waste and other types of separated waste in the city’s largest neighbourhood City of Dobřany CZK 40,000
Security for the Žirovnice Collection Yard with a CCTV system City of Žirovnice CZK 59,620
Reconstruction of container stations for separated waste and e-waste City of Pilsen, District Pilsen 1 CZK 138,000
A CCTV system for a collection yard in Rusava Obec Rusava CZK 70,000
Improving the security of a collection yard Technické služby města Jičína CZK 150,000
Repairing the roof of a collection point in Vysokov Municipality of Vysokov CZK 45,000
Electronic security for the separation yard on Palackého Street in Nový Jičín Technické služby města Nový Jičín CZK 50,000

Applicants offered in-kind assistance

Project name Applicant Support
Programme - Intensity Dolní Loučky Municipality Stationary container
Reconstruction of a collection yard in the area of the Ekocentrum Oldřichov in Háje Suchopýr, o.p.s. Stationary container
Security of an EEE take-back point in Přešťovice Municipality of Přešťovice E-house
Installation of a CCTV system at the Collection Yard in Přáslavice Municipality of Přáslavice E-house
Security for a point and improving the area for the collection of e-waste in Rohov Municipality of Rohov E-house
Reconstruction of a collection point - Drahenice Municipality of Drahenice E-house
Construction modification for take-back of EEE Municipality of Žihle E-house
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