ASEKOL Fund 2009

In its second year, ASEKOL Fund supported a total of 45 projects with more than CZK 2 million. Approximately half the projects were additionally awarded lease for an indefinite time of a protective shelter for discarded electrical and electronic equipment – a so-called E-house. By far the largest number of supported projects were, as expected, under the Reconstruction Programme, followed by the Intensity and Awareness programmes. For the first time, two projects also received support under the Research Programme.

During its first two years, ASEKOL Fund has supported 72 projects, providing more than CZK 3.5 million.

Projects supported financially in 2009

Project name Applicant Support
Extension of paved surfaces – Moravská Třebová Collection Yard + awareness raising Technické služby Moravská Třebová s.r.o. CZK 108,000
Calendar 2010 Komunální služby s.r.o. CZK 20,000
Improving security of a collection yard in Moravské Budějovice TSMB s.r.o. CZK 28,000
Establishing an e-waste take-back point Town of Plaňany CZK 65,313
KB4 – Collection yard City of Česká Skalice CZK 100,000
Processing project documentation for the construction of new collection yards Municipality of Lipůvka CZK 73,500
Recycling with ASEKOL – optimising operation of a collection yard in Ratíškovice Municipality of Ratíškovice CZK 70,000
Improving the equipment of SD Sezemice City of Sezemice CZK 7,000
Processing of project documentation for the zoning decision and building permit, event: “Collection Yard of the Municipality of Píšť” Municipality of Píšť CZK 68,110
Processing project documentation for the construction of a new collection yard Municipality of Lety CZK 70,000
Ostopovice Collection Yard Project Municipality of Ostopovice CZK 105,000
Information campaign “Electrical appliances don’t belong in the waste bin” SOS - sdružení obrany spotřebitelů CZK 100,000
Establishing a take-back point City of Jevišovice CZK 87,100
Reconstruction of a fence for the waste collection yard in Chotěboř Technická a lesní správa Chotěboř CZK 122,944
Collection yard – CCTV system City of Dvůr Králové nad Labem CZK 100,000
Installing a camera system in a collection yard Technical and residential units of the City of Světlá nad Sázavou CZK 50,000
Security for a collection yard in Prostějov, Průmyslová Street City of Prostějov CZK 150,000
Fence for a collection yard City of Nové Strašecí CZK 70,000
Determining environmental effects of ASEKOL’s activities in selected EEE using the LCA method Ing. Marie Tichá MT Konzult CZK 270,000
Project documentation for the zoning procedure for the collection yard in Česká Třebová City of Česká Třebová CZK 183,400
Identifying costs of waste EEE Ing. Eva Směšná CZK 171,000
Collection yard Hovorčovice Municipality of Hovorčovice CZK 106,624
Camera system in a collection yard Technické služby Karviná a.s. CZK 56,000
Project documentation – construction of a collection yard Municipality of Byšice CZK 41,000

Applicants offered in-kind assistance

Applicant Support
City of Počátky E-house
Sběrné suroviny UH, s.r.o. E-house
City of Kardašova Řečice E-house
City of Český Těšín E-house
City of Tovačov E-house
Kamýk nad Vltavou E-house
Municipality of Troubky E-house
Municipality of Horní Ředice E-house
City of Turnov E-house
City of Bakov nad Jizerou E-house + cage container
Municipality of Studánka E-house
City of Jevišovice E-house
Municipality of Kestřany E-house
Veselské služby, s.r.o. E-house
Municipality of Bzová E-house
City of Prostějov E-house
City of Hodonín E-house
City of Hodkovice nad Mohelkou E-house
City of Hrádek nad Nisou E-house
City of Nové Strašecí E-house
City of Kostelec nad Černými lesy E-house + cage container
Municipality of Přibyslavice E-house
Municipality of Jimlín E-house
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