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Thanks to the recycling of electrical appliances, the Czechs save electricity on the other 6 Hockey Championships

By recycling of WEEE citizens of the Czech Republic in the last year saved 219 thousand MWh of electric energy, i.e. quantity, which is consumed by winter stadium during six World Cups. Last year, the people sorted 11 396 tons of old TVs and PC monitors and 5 583 tons of small WEEE, so have improved by more than 8% compared to the year 2013. The latest calculations of the savings resulting from the environmental statement of non-profit ASEKOL, already ten years deals with the retroactive collection of the old appliances.

"Citizens of the Czech Republic improved in the recycling of old electric and electronic waste, which in the past year significantly reduced the environmental burden. Thanks for the collection and recycling of TVs, monitors, and small WEEE.  the Czechs last year saved for example, 219 thousand MWh of electricity, which corresponds to the quantity of energy that is needed to power the stadium for 78 days of ice hockey at the time of the Championship or the Olympic Games, "says Martina Ďaďová, Manager of communications. Only thanks to the old WEEE we could so handily deliver energy to the other six Hockey Championships. At the same time to save nearly one billion gallons of water that normally serve to produce up to 3 million barrels of beer. This is the quantity that the Czechs drink for more than a month.

The benefits of collecting and recycling of TVs, monitors, and small WEEE for the environment in the Czech Republic in 2014


TV + Monitors

Small WEEE


Total amount collected in 2013 (kg)

11 395 821

5 583 448

16 981 269

Savings of energy (MWh)

83 908

135 388

219 296

Savings of oil (l)

1 614 167

9 618 392

11 232 559

Savings of raw materials (t)

5 429

2 512

7 941

Savings of water (m3)

431 628

516 985

948 613

Decreasing production of dangerous waste (t)

81 440

107 194

188 634




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