LCA study 2005 - 2014

Since 2005 we have collected almost 130 thousand of electric and electronic waste and also we have helped the environment and reduced environmental burden.

LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) evaluate the influences of collection, transportation and processing of electrical and electronic equipment. ASEKOL then converts the results into savings of electricity, raw materials and water, as well as into greenhouse gas emissions and waste production.

By recycling 130 thousand of WEEE we saved 66 110 070 litres of oil. The same amount is used for 20 journeys around the equator in the biggest passenger airliner.

Also thanks to WEEE collected is saved 1 465 180 MWh. The same amount is being used by all households in Prague during 4 months.

Also we saved 1 303 853 tons of dangerous waste. The same amount can be taken away (transported) to the dump by 130 000 fully loaded trucks.

By recycling we saved 6 604 311 m3 of water, that corresponds to the largest pond in the Czech Republic named Rožmberk.

We are really happy that the Czech Republic citizens are interested in our environment and trying to actively participate in its protection.  We hope that next few years will be at least as successful as the years past ad we will continue to help create better conditions for life.

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