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How much we can save by recycling

LCA studies show the conservation of specific materials. Results of the 2014 assessment clearly indicate that by recycling people can do their part to save resources that are starting to become scarce in the world.

16,981 t

Last year, residents handed over the ASEKOL Compliance Scheme almost 16,981 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment for recycling.

11,236,005 l

Recycling of said 16,983 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment in 2014 helped to save a total of 11 million litres of crude oil.

Such a quantity of oil would be enough for 5 trips around the equator by aircraft.

219,303 MWh

Take-back resulted in electricity savings of 219,303 MWh, which could keep all the households in České Budějovice running for 13.5 months.

47,384 kg CO2

Take-back resulted in a decrease in production of carbon dioxide by 47,384 kg, as much as would be produced by driving from Prague to Ostrava 764 times.

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