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What to do with old electrical appliances you are no longer using?

1. Free drop-off at the nearest collection yard

This is for a maximum of 10 household-type electrical and electronic devices. You can turn them in free of charge at any of the ASEKOL compliance scheme’s collection yards.

You will find a list of the collection yards here.

2. Pick-up by ASEKOL compliance scheme’s contractual transporter

  • minimum requested amount for ordering pick-up is 10 television sets or PC monitors or 150 kg of other electrical and electronic equipment..
  • TV and computer monitors must be marked with bar codes for the ASEKOL compliance scheme, which will be sent on the basis of the order.
  • pick-up within 7 work days

If you are already registered as a collection point, you can order the transportation through our information system. If you are not yet registered, you can order transport via this form.

3. If collection exceeds 500 kg/month, free lease of a cage container for storing electrical and electronic equipment other than TVs and PC monitors.

Free pick-up within 7 days after filling the container

After transport of the e-waste, you will receive confirmation of environmentally friendly liquidation of this equipment:

  • at the collection yard upon request
  • in depositing at a designated point, a copy of the handover protocol serves this purpose

Should you have any questions, please contact our technical department. E-mail:

Československého exilu 2062/8, Praha 4
Telephone: +420 234 235 111

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