Feed the Scrap Monster

ASEKOL organised the Feed the Scrap Monster event in order to raise awareness among the general public about environmentally friendly recycling of worn-out and obsolete electrical and electronic appliances.

During a four-day period in September, the general public was given the opportunity to bring worn-out and obsolete electrical and electronic appliances to a designated location. To help promote the event, such popular celebrities as Chantal Poullain, Bára Štěpánová and Vlasta Horváth also participated. People most frequently brought monitors and televisions, but some also brought certain items of almost historic significance such as old gramophones, radios and drills.

The discarded appliances were then used by sculptor Ondřej Sklenář to build a statue – the Scrap Monster. Passers-by could watch each day as the Scrap Monster grew in size while also enjoying an accompanying programme moderated by Vlasta Korec. Immediately next to the statue, ASEKOL set up a tent where the organisation’s employees answered questions on handing over, sorting and recycling electrical and electronic appliances. Competitions with prizes were organised for children. Everyone who fed the Scrap Monster with their electronic scraps and correctly answered a simple question immediately received a small gift and a ticket for a large prize drawing.

After the event, the statue was transported to Kovohutě Příbram’s company headquarters, where it currently attracts the attention of visitors to the metal working facility.

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