Crown for Kilo

Our the most important present project Crown for Kilo brought 3,000,000 CZK to the National Coundil for Disabled Persons.

In 2015, we started to co-operate with National Council for Disabled Persons (NRZP) headed by Mr. Václav Krása. We created the project Crown for Kilo, which brougt to the endowment fund support in the value of CZK 1 million thanks to campaign supporting collection of WEEE. In 2017, the project continues successfully. You can follow the current news on our FB or on website

"One-time financial contributions in this case do not fulfill their purpose, but retraining and permanent employment are of much greater importance to the normal life of people with disabilities and their inclusion in society," says Václav Krása, Chairman of the National Council of People with Disabilities in the Czech Republic.



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