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The fight for 20,000 CZK has already ended and we know the regional winners of the ACTIVE MUNICIPALITY 2018 competition.

The ACTIVE MUNICIPALITY competition started this year on the first day of April, ending on the last day of September 2018. It was extended from three to six months in comparison with last year. For registered municipalities we record an average increase of small WEEE collection in red containters of 9%. Thirty municipalities that ranked higher were even more than 10%.

Municipalities and cities of the Czech Republic had the opportunity to win CZK 20,000 for winning the second year of the ACTIVE OBEC. The competition supports the collection of redundant electrical equipment in red containers and motivates municipalities to promote awareness of the importance of taking back and recycling old electrical appliances. Most small appliances and batteries are still ending up in municipal waste instead of throwing them into specialized red containers or taking them to the collection yards where they are going to recycle.

The winners in regions

Jihočeský region Kamenný Újezd
Jihomoravský region Bučovice
Karlovarský region Jáchymov
Region Vysočina  Ždírec nad Doubravou
Královéhradecký region Jičín
Liberecký region Liberec
Moravskoslezský region Příbor
Olomoucký region Prostějov
Pardubický region Přelouč
Plzeňský region Chodský Újezd
Středočeský region Kutná Hora
Ústecký region Jirkov
Zlínský region Zlín

Rules of the competition

The aim is to get as many points as possible in the following areas:

  1.   Collection yield. The highest yields on the events in a predetermined period will be evaluated. Allotted points are equal to the achieved yields in kg / inhabitant and carriage.
  2.    Promotion of red containers, again in a predetermined period.On the site in section "Download" there are articles available for publication in the local periodical or on the site of the municipality. When publishing an article on a community site, send the link to the location of the article on the email When publishing an article in a local newspaper, send the relevant pages to an email at The placement of the article on the web site or in the local periodical is 1 point / piece.
  3.    Increase in average yield (kg / inhabitant) per consignment compared to the average over the last 6 months. An increase of at least 10% means a gain of 1 point.
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