Last year, ASEKOL decided to include even more sheltered workshops than previously in processing old electronics, and it issued an open tender for processing an additional 1,000 tonnes of e-waste.

“This is exactly the form of help that makes sense for people with physical disabilities. It gives them the motivation and opportunity to participate in normal life and not to be dependent on benefits. I joined ASEKOL to help transparently select the sheltered workshops that will get more work due to its support,” explained Václav Krása describing his participation in the project.

  • This amount will help 20 more people with disabilities find employment.
  • The tender commission was presided over by Václav Krása, Chairperson of the Czech National Disability Council.
  • The sheltered workshops ECO-RETEL s. r. o. from Mladá Boleslav and Dílna pro úpravu odpadů Maleč s. r. o. from the Chotěboř area won the tender.

Notice announcing a tender for processing electrical and electronic equipment for 2015

Any organisation operating on the territory of the Czech Republic fulfilling the entry conditions and having at least 50% of its recalculated number of employees in the defined sheltered jobs may participate in the tender. All conditions of the tender will be stated in the tender documents.

Opening of envelopes and evaluation of offers will be conducted under legal assistance and in co-operation with independent experts from unions and associations representing people with disabilities. Mr Václav Krása will again chair the selection committee.

Those interested to participate in the tender can apply in the period from 10 October 2014 to 31 October 2014 (inclusive) at the e-mail address nehasilova@asekol.cz and request sending of the tender documentation.

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