About sheltered workshops

The ASEKOL compliance scheme:

  • stands among the Czech Republic’s most important employers of people with disabilities
  • co-operates with 7 sheltered workshops
  • delivers material in boxes which are easier and safer for manipulation for employees of sheltered workshops
  • during the year 2017 handed over 3,000 tonnes of wasted televisions and monitors for processing
  • hands over more e-waste to sheltered workplaces than any other compliance scheme
  • co-operates and consults next steps with National Council for Disabled Persons

The costs for processing of one kilo are in case of work of contracting partners about tens hallers, but the price is 6 x higher in case of sheltered workshops. Nevertheless, the cooperation with sheltered workshops is peceived as a help for needed.


Československého exilu 2062/8, Praha 4
Telephone: +420 234 235 111
E-mail: info@asekol.cz

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