ASEKOL is a not-for-profit company which in representing producers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment organises a state-wide take-back system for electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). It provides collection, transport and recycling of worn-out and obsolete EEE, including to finance the entire system. ASEKOL is a so-called compliance scheme for take-back of EEE. Its contract-based services are used by manufacturers and importers of such equipment. In its take-back activities, ASEKOL closely co-operates with cities and towns, final sellers and service providers, collection companies, and processors of electrical and electronic equipment.

ASEKOL’s Mission

  • to ensure collection and environmentally friendly processing of worn-out and obsolete electrical and electronic equipment
  • to be a trustworthy partner for state and local administrative bodies
  • to utilise its funds efficiently
  • strictly to maintain quality in environmentally friendly handling of e-waste
  • to perform awareness-raising activities among the general public
  • to support the work of people with disabilities in sheltered workshops

ASEKOL was founded in July 2005 by the leading representatives in the market for consumer electronics, office, telecommunication and information technology. The following companies are partners in the compliance scheme:


On the basis of a decision by the Czech Ministry of the Environment (MoE), ASEKOL is authorised for take-back of electrical and electronic equipment in all of groups 1–10.

The ASEKOL compliance scheme is also registered by MoE for the following types of electrical and electronic equipment (click here to display the table)

  Household devices (B2C) Business devices (B2B)
Group 1 (large household appliances) Yes Yes
Group 2 (small household appliances) Yes Yes
Group 3 (IT and telecommunications equipment) Yes Yes
Group 4 (consumer equipment) Yes Yes
Group 5 (lighting equipment) Yes Yes
Group 6 (electrical and electronic tools with the exception of large stationary industrial tools) Yes Yes
Group 7 (toys, leisure and sports equipment) Yes Yes
Group 8 (medical devices) Yes Yes
Group 9 (monitoring and control instruments) Yes Yes
Group 10 (automatic dispensers) Not applicable Yes

ASEKOL co-operates closely with:

Extract from the Commercial Register for ASEKOL

Československého exilu 2062/8, Praha 4
Telephone: +420 234 235 111
E-mail: info@asekol.cz

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