Family pairs tournament of badminton club SK Hamr Praha

On June 28, more than 130 people (67 pairs in 4 performance categories) took part in the traditional family pairs tournament to end the 2017/2018 season. The apartment is the traditional event of the badminton unit of SK Hamr Praha, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, and was the first time in the context of the event of the domestic electro-waste event, under the auspices of ASEKOL, which stood loyal to this year and contributed to the purchase of a new piece of clothing .

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The children saved 40 water pools by recycling, going to Zoo for a reward

The contest of elementary schools from the whole country in the collection of mobile phones was called Donate a mobile and win a trip for your class. "Of the 121 schools, 9,412 mobile phones have been collected and handed over to recycling," said Hana Ansorgová, director of Recycling Games or Let's Clean Up the World, the company that organizes the competition. "Children have helped to save water by eco-friendly disposal of mobile phones, which for example would fill the two swimming pools of the Evžen Rošický Sports Multifunctional Facility in Jihlava more than forty times," added Dana Ducheckova, spokeswoman for ASEKOL.

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Prague in red helped handicapped!

Fun and experiences, exactly in that spirit, was carried on Saturday 23 June. As part of the Prague in Red event, ecology, a responsible approach to the environment and the people around us have been reunited. At the red ASEKOL stand, visitors could take their little electro into a red container for ecological disposal, a new mobile phone contest, or a range of activities for kids that could have tried, for example, a microwave oven. There was also an unconventional slalom with a red dustbin and photocouple.

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