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The Take-Back conference 2013

2013 Take-Back Conference

The fourth international Take-Back Conference was held on April 16 in Prague.





The morning program was focused on the take back of waste and its trends with the main emphasise on primary materials resources, secondary materials resources recovery in the next ten years. The second presentation titled "Raw materials sources today and tomorow" offered a comprehensive view on the global political and economic situation aiming at the issue of waste and rare earth resources. The geologist, writer, philosopher and science populariser RNDr. Václav Cílek, CSc took the floor to comment on the subject.

More than half of the speakers were invited from abroad to share their experience with the audience in regards to all discussed topics. How the Irish Garda prevents the metal theft was for example described by Ann Marie Mc Mahon who represented the Irish Garda during the panel discussion that opens the topic of scrap dealers.

Topics of the afternoon workshops :

  • Workshop A: Recycling of rare earth metals

    From the viewpoint of the treatment operators, producers of electronics and batteries, China as the monopoly supplier and in economic terms – profits/costs/amounts, offer and demand.

  • Workshop B: Scrapyards - potential or threat for national economy

    Opportunity or threat for the national economy? From the viewpoint of municipalities, collection yard owners, collective schemes as well as the purchasing companies.

  • Workshop C: Re-use

    A controversial topic from the viewpoint of collective schemes and their legal duty to re-use WEEE and batteries, and the primarily economic point of view of their founders – i.e. the producers of electronics. Does it make sense or not?

  • Workshop D: WEEELABEX

    European standards of collection, handling, storage, recycling, preparation for re-use and dispoal of waste electrical and electronic equipment.


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