What, why and how?

WHY recycle

We scarcely can imagine life today without electrical appliances. We use them daily – at work, at home and for fun. These devices become more advanced by the day and their prices fall continuously. They have become accessible to everyone. But all of this raises a serious issue: what to do with the devices once we stop using them?

Getting rid of old electronic products by tossing them into a mixed-waste container is very irresponsible to the environment.


WHAT we recycle

ASEKOL provides take-back and recycling of all types of e-waste:

ASEKOL operates the densest collection network for end-of-life electrical and electronic devices in the Czech Republic. It consists of more than 15,000 operated collection points and 8,000 additional containers. In 2014, ASEKOL collected an average 1.62 kg of e-waste per Czech citizen.


  • Find the address and open hours of your nearest collection point.
  • Carry or transport your end-of-life electrical and electronic equipment to the collection point. Here, the operators will direct you to where you can deposit the devices at no charge. For electrical devices to be recycled, they must be turned in in a non-disassembled state.
  • If your municipality organises mobile waste collection that includes electrical and electronic equipment, you can take advantage of that event.
  • Subsequent transport and processing of the electrical and electronic equipment is provided by ASEKOL.

Recycling and processing

Recycling means reuse, recirculation. Reusing waste saves natural resources and prevents burdening the environment with harmful substances. Secondary resources acquired from recycling are less costly than are those which are newly extracted. For example, an average mobile phone weighing 100 grams contains 15 g of copper, 0.4 grams of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum) and 30 grams of plastic. In addition to recycling, e-waste also can be used for producing electricity.

The e-waste reuse rate is precisely specified in the Waste Act. By law, it is necessary to ensure recycling of 50–80% of each electrical appliance. How much material from recycled appliances is reused depends upon the type of individual appliance.

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